Oven Cleaner

A caustic, solvent based degreaser formulated for the removal of heavy grease and fatty deposits typically found in ovens, on hobs and around cooking surfaces such as grills. Formulated with low-hazard, low odour solvents in order to minimise the risk to the user. Should not be used on aluminium.

  • Heavy duty degreaser
  • Ovens
  • Hobs
  • Cooker canopies
  • Grills
Application: Spray on, scrub to remove heavy deposits
Notes: Supplied with a 'flexi-spray' for ease of use.

Oven Gel

A non-solvent, caustic degreaser. Formulated to be viscous and to cling to surfaces allowing longer contact time and effective removal of oily, fatty and carbon deposits. Should not be used on aluminium.

  • Heavy duty degreaser
  • Ovens
  • Grills
  • Removal of carbon deposits
Application: Brush/wipe on. Scrub to remove heavy deposits.

HD Powder

HD Powder is a concentrated, powder, heavy duty, alkaline floor/wall cleaner. Formulated to remove ground in dirt and grease from floors and walls. Non-solvent formulation is safe for use on all floor and wall surfaces and will not damage laminate finishes.

  • Decarbonising deep fat fryers and filters
  • Heavy duty floor/wall cleaner (powder)
Application: Disperse into fryer basin filled with water. Bring to the boil and drain. For smaller items, immerse in a warm solution of HD powder.

Tray Wash

Tray Wash is a non-caustic, alkaline degreaser formulated for the safe removal of carbon deposits from surfaces such as aluminium where caustic cleaners are unsuitable.

  • Removal of grease and carbon deposits from aluminium trays and utensils.
Application: Soak items in a dilute solution of Tray Wash, may also be used with automatic washing system.

CIP Cleaner

A concentrated powder cleaner formulated for the cleaning of pipes, recirculation systems and other CIP cleaning requirements. The chlorinated, caustic formulation quickly and effectively removes all forms of oil and protein accumulation ensuring that blockages do not occur.

  • CIP systems
Application: Internal circulation


Bact-Det - EN1276 Certified

Bact-det is a premium general purpose disinfectant cleaner which has been certified as bactericidal and biocidal according to British Standard EN1276. It has been specifically formulated to provide both cleaning and anti-bactericidal activity. In addition to use as a general purpose bactericidal cleaner, it is suitable for the cleaning of food contact machines such as ice-cream makers, meat dicers, food blenders etc.

  • Heavy duty hard surface cleaner
Application: Spray neat or dilute and apply by mop/sponge

Surface Sanitiser - Food Safe

A bactericidal, non-solvent, multipurpose cleaner. The bactericidal/biocidal agent is approved as food safe by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the formulation is odourless and safe for use on all hard surfaces. Surface Sanitiser may be sprayed on and allowed to dry, providing a residual bactericidal effect.

  • Surface sanitiser
Application: Spray or wipe on

Sanitiser Powder

A highly effective chlorinated powder for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Low foaming.

  • Surface sanitising
Application: Dilute and apply by spray or cloth

Foam Cleaner

A high foaming, bactericidal cleaner. Foam cleaner is applied through specialised foam production apparatus and produces a highly stable foam which clings to surfaces where it effectively kills bacteria and cleans the underlying surface. After a ‘soak’ time, it can be safely removed by power hose.

  • Surface cleaning/sanitising
Application: Apply through specialised foam generating equipment.