Archem NI Limited is a contract manufacturer and, essentially, produces all products to order. As such, the products listed in this section can be tailored to any desired specification.

We have over twenty years experience in chemical formulation and have available many more formulations that those outlined following. We are able to formulate new products for any particular application or analyse a customer's existing product which we can then replicate or improve. We are also able to produce products based on a formulation provided by a customer.

Bottles/Drums/IBC (liquids):
125 ml/500 ml/1 Litre 750 ml Trigger Spray 2/5 Litres

125 ml

500 ml

1 Litre

1 Litre 'Angle-neck'

750 ml 'Trigger Spray'

2 Litre 'Jerrycan'

5 Litre 'Jerrycan'

10/20/25 Litre Drum 200 Litre Barrel 1000 Litre IBC

10 Litre Drum

20 Litre Drum

25 Litre Drum

200 Litre Barrel

1000 Litre 'IBC'

Buckets (powders):
3.5 Kg Pot/5 Kg Bucket/10 Kg Bucket/20 Kg Bucket

3.5 Kg 'Pot'

5 Kg Bucket

10 Kg Bucket

20 Kg Bucket

We have access to a much broader range of packaging types, including alternative colours and materials; please contact us to discuss alternatives to those shown.


In addition to standard and tamper evident caps, we can provide alternative closures such as directional nozzles, lotion pumps and spray closures. Please contact us for more information.


Typically, we will produce a label to the specification of the customer. We have a range of colour combinations possible, we can place customer name, logo and details on the label and can identify the product as desired.